How to Naturally Induce Labor

The majority of women know that when time comes doctors usually use different kinds of medications in order to induce labor. However you could also think about how to naturally induce labor. There is a lot you could try in order to have your baby sooner than he or she planned.

Acupressure and inducing labor naturally

You might know that there is a lot you can achieve by applying pressure on certain points on your body. Some of these points are associated with the possibility of inducing labor. These points can be found between the thumb and the forefinger, in the shoulder well, the small of back and around the ankles.

How to Naturally Induce LaborBlack or blue cohosh

If you are thinking about naturally inducing labor you should know that one of the most common ways to achieve this is to have different kinds of teas. Some of the midwives use teas of this kind to speed up the slow contractions. Nonetheless according to the studies the teas could have different side effects.

Castor oil

In case you would like to naturally induce labor with the help of castor oil you should know that it works only in about 57% of the cases. It also comes with possible side effects such as diarrhea or even vomiting. People use castor oil because they believe that the contractions caused by diarrhea induce labor.

When considering starting labor naturally think about the fact that castor oil could make the baby pass meconium into the uterus. In the majority of the cases mother using castor oil have an overdue baby and in the same time the overdue babies have higher chances of passing meconium anyway.

Chinese food

Although it may sound quite strange, some people think that they can naturally start labor by eating Chinese food. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that would back this theory up, but people claim that it works. Although it might not work, it is worth a shot.


If you are asking how to naturally induce labor you should think about dancing. Naturally you don’t have to think about anything drastic. All you have to do is swing your hips. Actually in this case you are using the power of gravitation to give the baby the idea that you want him or her out.

Evening primrose oil

You could take this for naturally starting labor, beginning with the 35th week of pregnancy or you could use it internally starting with the 38th week of pregnancy. The main point in this case is to soften your cervix. If you need the labor to be induced all the doctor will have to do is to break your water.


If you are using this method of labor starting naturally you should opt for the natural substance that has more actual licorice and less sugar. The side effects could include diarrhea and cramps.

Now you know a lot more about how to naturally induce labor even though some of the methods might not work for you.


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