New Guidelines For Promoting VBACs

It has become common practice for doctors to perform a C section automatically after a woman has had one Caesarean section delivery, even though it is possible to safely give birth even after a prior C section. Doctors are refusing to even try and deliver vaginally and this is largely due to medical risks and lawsuits, according to experts.

increase in c sectionsNow guidelines have been issued to try to reduce repeat C sections, so that women can more easily find hospitals and doctors who are pro VBACs (Vaginal birth after Caesarean).

It is thought that the earlier guidelines (which the new ones will replace) were actually responsible for the high prevalence of C sections today.

VBACs are safe to perform so long as the previous C section cut was low and horizontal, which is how most C sections are performed today. 60 to 80% of those women who try to deliver vaginally after a C section succeed in doing so.

The new guidelines state that a VBAC is reasonable even when there is the history of two previous C sections and those who are carrying twins. The guidelines also state that the risk of rupture (the main cause for concern in VBACs) is very low, even in the case of repeat C sections.


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