Know About Pregnancy Incompetent Cervix Symptoms

When you reach the situation when you have to consider the pregnancy incompetent cervix symptoms you should know that this problem is also known as insufficient cervix.

It means that your cervical tissue is weak and it can cause a premature birth or the loss of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Incompetent Cervix Symptoms


Before you get pregnant, the cervix is rigid and closed. As the pregnancy progresses and as your due date draws closer, the cervix softens, it opens and it gets shorter. In case of an incompetent cervix it is possible for the cervix to open too fast so that you will give birth too soon.

The truth about the symptoms of the pregnancy incompetent cervix is that it is difficult to diagnose and it is even more difficult to treat. If your cervix opens too soon it is possible that you will have to take medication during your pregnancy to keep it close. You could also have an ultrasound and a small surgical procedure to close the cervix.

The pregnancy incompetent cervix symptoms

It is important to know that if you are faced with this problem you may not see any signs or symptoms suggesting that your cervix is opening too soon. Maybe you will experience mild discomfort lasting for several days or even a week between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy.

Keep an eye out for a feeling of pressure in the cervix, backache, cramps in the abdomen, some change in the vaginal discharge and some vaginal spotting or bleeding.

Risk factors

There are some women who are more likely to experience the pregnancy incompetent cervix symptoms than other women because of the risk factors. These include congenital conditions. If you have genetic disorders or uterine abnormalities linked to a type of protein that builds the connective tissues, you could have an incompetent cervix.

The incompetent cervix pregnancy signs can also be seen in case of an obstetric trauma. Maybe you had a cervical tear during a previous pregnancy and as a result you might have an incompetent cervix. Some other cervical procedures can also cause the same problem.

All women should look out for the pregnancy incompetent cervix symptoms but there are only relatively few women who actually experience these symptoms and who need to take some the necessary steps to make sure that they will have a normal and healthy pregnancy.


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