Pressure Points To Induce Labor Through Acupressure

There may be medical reasons when a woman’s pregnancy is overdue and she is past her delivery date, and labor may be required to induce.

Sometimes, it is just a case of the woman wishing that the baby would just hurry up already!

Acupressure has long been lauded as one of the safe ways to induce labor that has not yet started, or to hurry up labor or strengthen contractions when labor has already started.acupressure

Certain pressure points to induce labor are indicated; and many women report an almost instant response to application of pressure at the specified points in the form of the uterus contracting.

The following are the commonly used pressure points to induce labor, which can be detected by a feeling of light pain when pressed. The pressure points to induce labor may not be the same in all women and the efficacy of each point may vary greatly from woman to woman.

Hoku pressure point to induce labor: This is the point that is in the webbing between the thumb and the index finger. The point where the bone of the index finger connects should be pressed with light pressure and rubbed to stimulate labor contractions. Not only does this pressure point induce contractions, it also is used for pain[labor pain] relief during labor.

Spleen 6 Pressure point to induce labor: This point is located on the inside of the ankle between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone. This area is to be rubbed for about a minute and is said to propel the baby’s head down into the mother’s pelvis. Also about 5 centimeters about the ankle bone is a pressure point, which, when massaged may help to strengthen contractions that may yet be weak and ineffective.

Bladder 32 pressure point to induce labor: The depression between the crease of the buttocks and the spine is the location of this pressure point. This is the point that is required to be pressed intermittently.

The Trapezius Muscle: This is the muscle that connects the shoulder and the neck. The pressure point is located about an inch or so below the highest point where the muscle connects with the neck. The soft spot there is where the pressure is to be applied at intervals.

Another acupressure technique that is recommended is pressing your tongue to the roof of the mouth. This will help with relaxation and it also acts as a pressure point to induce labor.


  1. Hey there,
    I am a great fan of acupressure and have used it for both of my pregnancies. I found it worked great at lessening contraction pains and found both times that I could manage without asking for any painkillers so I stayed alert and cal throughout.


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