Remain Strong And Focus On Breathing For Easy Delivery

We have probably heard by now about Gisele Bundchen and her famous “Painless Delivery” so faithfully reported by the press.

For every such story that one hears about a woman who had virtually no pain during childbirth, you will probably hear two about women who underwent hideously painful labors that extended over many, many hours.

While both may be true, the pregnant woman who is trying to figure out what to expect at the time of delivery, is wondering what to expect.gisele bundchen

The fact is that for a large majority of women, childbirth pains reach none of those extremes and every woman should have a realistic expectation bolstered by a calm courage.

If Bundchen’s midwife Deborah Allen said that the former “felt no fear” this would be useful pointer to take. It was a water birth where the mother was focused on breathing deeply in order to “relax and be present in the moment”.

And then there was the yoga and meditation which resulted in the very tranquil birth.  “I kept myself in good shape during the whole pregnancy, eating healthily, meditating, and doing exercises,” said Bundchen.  These are good pointers for any mom to be, not just for celebs!


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