Researchers Find Link Between Degenerative Back Disease and C Sections

There are many number of reasons for women to try and have a normal vaginal delivery and avoid C sections. According to recent research, here is another reason to try and avoid surgical options for child birth – a connection between Cesarean section deliveries and degenerative back disease called  spondylolisthesis, has been detected by researchers.

cesarean section deliveriesSpondylolisthesis is a condition wherein the vertebra slips forward onto the bone below it and the condition is characterized by nerve damage, muscle tightness and lower back pain.

The significant fact about this condition is that nine times as many women as men suffer from the disease and is among the 5 most expensive conditions in American healthcare.

The question that the researchers at Michigan State University sought to find the answer to is whether “pregnancy and/or muscle deficiency caused by a cesarean delivery could be a precipitating factor in the development of degenerative spondylolisthesis later in life”.

Considering the fact that the rate of C sections has risen dramatically in the past three decades, and has in fact tripled, this is an important question to ask. This link could foretell significant public health problems in the years to come, according to the researchers.


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