Know the Reality About Signs of Dilation in Pregnancy

As your due date draws nearer your doctor for sure will be looking for the signs of dilation in pregnancy.

There are several signs that could tell you that your body is preparing for childbirth. You must keep in mind that, in most cases the dilation can appear days before you actually give birth.

Signs of Dilation in Pregnancy

Braxton Hicks contractions

It is common for pregnant women to experience Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions prepare your body for birth. According to specialists these are the contractions that start the dilation of the cervix. They don’t mean that you are in labor, but they can be painful.

The truth about the symptoms of dilation in pregnancy is that the contractions can subside if you change positions or if you drink some fluids. Nonetheless as the time goes by they will get closer together and they will also become more regular.

The dropping of the baby

When thinking about the signs of dilation in pregnancy you should know that during the last weeks of your pregnancy the baby will drop lower into the pelvic region. Some women say that the way they carry changes after the baby drops. Sometimes they can’t tell you what the change consists in, but you can be sure that there will be a change.

Once this one of the dilation in pregnancy symptoms appears you might feel more uncomfortable than before. The dropping of the baby doesn’t mean that the cervix is dilating, but the pressure that the baby puts on the cervix speeds up the process.

Mucus plug

In case you are thinking about the signs of dilation in pregnancy it is good to know that the mucus plug is a thick layer of mucus that closes up the cervix during pregnancy to make sure that it won’t open. As the pregnancy progresses and as the cervix dilates this mucus plug can fall out.

The truth about the warning signs of pregnancy dilation is that not all women realize that they have lost their mucus plug. This is a sign that the cervix starts to dilate, but it isn’t a sure sign that you will go into labor right away. Usually it takes a few days for labor to actually begin.

All pregnant women should keep an eye out for the signs of dilation in pregnancy because this means that their journey as a pregnant woman has come to an end that they are about to begin a whole new journey.


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