Learn More About Stages of Childbirth

In case you are interested in the stages of childbirth you should know that nobody can really tell you what it will be like for you or how long it will last.

However there are some things that you can do to prepare yourself and it will be easier if you know what to expect.

Stages of Childbirth

The labor stages

Labor has three different stages. The stages can be described as three separate phases: early labor, transitional phase and active labor. During the first stage the contractions will make the cervix dilate. During the second stage you will bring the baby to the world and in the third stage you will deliver the placenta.

The first stage of labor

Before the labor begins, the cervix is closed and it is sealed with a mucus plug so you won’t be affected by an infection. During this stage the cervix dilates so that the baby can be born. At the end of the stage it will be fully dilated and the cervix will be about 10 cm in diameter.

It is important during this one of the stages of childbirth for the cervix to get shorter and softer. The changes could appear earlier in your pregnancy, especially if this is your first pregnancy. A few hours or even days before labor begins, the cervix may already start to open up and you might lose the mucus plug.

Active phase

This is one of the phases of the first stage of labor. During this stage the contractions become stronger and longer and they appear more frequently. Usually the contractions start gradually and they reach a peak before they fade. Most probably you won’t be talking during the contractions.

Second stage

This is one of the stages of childbirth when you have to push the baby. You will feel some pressure, since the head of the baby will be between your legs. During the contractions you will feel an urge to push. You should listen to these urges and push as hard as you can.

You should know about this childbirth stage that when you push you will feel the baby slide out your pelvis, but when the contraction ends, you can feel it slide back in. You shouldn’t be alarmed by this because it is normal. When the doctor will be able to see the head of the baby, he or she won’t slip back anymore.

Third stage

This one of the stages of childbirth starts after the baby is born. The contractions will start again, but now they will be weaker. The contractions make the placenta peel from the wall of the uterus and you will have another urge to push. This is when the placenta and the empty amniotic sac will come out of your vagina.

When thinking about the birth stages it is good to know that usually women at this stage receive an injection that will make the placenta come out.

Going through stages of childbirth it is said to be an empowering experience. Keep in mind that your body is perfectly capable to handle the process and the pain associated with childbirth is conditioned by the way you choose to handle it.


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