Symptoms of Labor Contractions

It is good to know about the symptoms of labor contractions that not all women experience the same symptoms. No one really knows the causes of labor or when it starts, but there are some changes that indicate the beginning of labor.

Symptoms of Labor Contractions


It is a known fact that the baby gets lower in the pelvic area before birth and this is known as lightening. This could happen hours or even days before birth. Once this happens, the baby will be pushing against the bladder, so most probably women will have to go to the toilet more often.

Mucus plug

In case you are thinking about the signs of labor contractions you should also consider losing the mucus plug. This is formed at the cervix at the beginning of pregnancy. As the cervix dilates the mucus plug will fall out and women may notice clear or pink vaginal discharge.


When it comes to the symptoms of labor contractions, you ought to know that during the contractions the abdomen hardens. Between the contractions your abdomen gets soft and uterus relaxes. The contractions feel different for every woman and they could change from one pregnancy to the other as well.

The women noticing the labor contraction signs usually notice dull pain in their lower abdomen and back and there can be pressure in the pelvis. The contractions move like a wave through the abdomen. Some women say that they are just like menstrual cramps.

Women sometimes mistake the Braxton-Hicks contractions for symptoms of labor contractions. The difference is that these contractions don’t stop when you change positions. It is true that the contractions are quite uncomfortable, but you can have some rest between them.

The water breaks

The women interested in the warning signs of labor contractions you may consider having their water broken. When this happens it isn’t as spectacular as in the movies. You will feel fluids gushing down your thighs and in many cases women think that it is just urine. It is possible for the water to break only right before childbirth.

In many cases women are afraid of the symptoms of labor contractions because of the pain that they bring. Although it is true that this isn’t the most pleasant feeling, there is pain medication available for women and there are some other methods too to make the pain better.


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