Techniques To Follow In Natural Childbirth For Less Discomforts!

It is amazing to hear that our body is built for natural childbirth.

You can give birth to your baby without any medical intervention.

Most of the women prefer to give birth to their child without using any medications.

Giving birth naturally is the best choice for mom and her baby. It is a low-tech way of giving birth to a baby. Natural childbirth involves, going through the labor and delivery without taking any medications along with pain relievers, like epidural [Epidural for labor pains].

If you are having low-risk pregnancy then you can choose the natural way to avoid the side effects of the medications on you and your baby.

Medications used for pain may affect your labor; blood pressure can drop suddenly, fluctuations in your labor i.e. sudden rise and sudden fall, feeling nauseous, feeling somewhat confusing and out of control.Natural Childbirth

But, natural childbirth is a great choice for many women as they can feel more in touch with the birth experience and also to deal with the labor in a more proactive manner.

There are many benefits associated with natural childbirth, but you must be an active participant throughout your labor. With proper support and preparation, you will feel very much satisfied and empowered by natural childbirth.

How natural childbirth is beneficial for you and your baby?

  • Most of the techniques involved in natural childbirth are not invasive. So, there are little potential for harm or side effects for you and your baby.
  • Babies born to moms who does not use any pain relief medications are more likely to be healthy. There is a less chance for your child to be affected with diseases like jaundice, breathing problems, fever and sucking or breastfeeding difficulties.
  • Moms who give natural childbirth will recover faster, less likely to suffer from postpartum depression. Those who have c-section are more likely to experience health risks associated with them.

So, take time to study different labor techniques and examine which is suitable for you and your partner’s personalities, preferences and beliefs.

Here are the techniques for natural childbirth:

The Alexander technique:

This technique is helpful for pregnant women to solve the problems like muscular tension, restoring your body’s original poise, helps in attaining proper posture and increasing your breathing capacity.

You can overcome from your bodily changes, lower back pain, digestive problems, shortness of breath and balancing the body’s condition with simple medications in your movement.

During the delivery time, you will be able to breathe and calm your bodily systems. You can focus on the birth; it will be easy to open the cervix during dilation and also it helps in preparing for effective pushing as the baby comes.

The Bradley method:

This method helps you in natural childbirth with less or without any drugs. This method offers you an excellent nutrition, exercises and relaxation techniques to manage the pain.

Through this technique, you will also learn how to tune into your bodily positions that can ease your pains during the labor, how to prepare for labor stages, how to avoid c-sections, how to discuss about breathing problems with your health care provider and how to breastfeed.

Lamaze method:

With this method, you will learn how to decrease the perception of pain, how to use distraction during contractions and relieve discomfort. In the classes, you will learn controlled deep breathing, concentration, massage and how to get control over your body during the labor.

These techniques will greatly help you in natural childbirth without experiencing severe discomforts.


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