10 Things you must do Before you go into Labor

Pregnancy is a time when a woman loves many new things, gets ready for the birth of a new being into her life and is on a life changing journey. As the months go by and the delivery date gets near, women must again get ready for the big day of child birth. Going into labor and then delivery can be a big thing for any woman and is a time for which she must be prepared. The following are the 10 things that one must do before going into labor.

things you must do before you go into labor

  • Take a childbirth class- to get into the groove and to learn all there is to learn about labor, delivery and childbirth, taking a childbirth class is a good idea. The class teaches relaxation and breathing exercises and also answers the many questions that may be on your mind
  • See a movie-because you need to relax while in labor, it is advisable to catch up on a movie you like or one which makes you laugh. Afterall, it may be the last time in the next few months that you will be watching a movie.
  • Know the basics of breastfeeding-breastfeeding will be the first thing that you will have to do after you deliver and hence getting to know all the basics of breastfeeding is a good idea. You can learn this from your mother or any other woman.
  • Pack your hospital bag-it is very important to keep your hospital bag packed in advance your due date as you never know when the labor pains might start.
  • Put all important numbers on speed dial-make sure you have all the important numbers or emergency numbers on your speed dial as you may need to inform your partner or others when labor pain starts.
  • Freeze some meals-during the last months or days of pregnancy, you may not be in the condition to cook yourself meals everyday and hence it is a good idea to keep your meals frozen.
  • Get a crib and crib set-when the baby arrives at home, you may need to make space for him to sleep and hence getting a crib and a crib set in advance is a great idea. Place the crib next to your bed or in the baby’s room.
  • Install the car seat-install the car seat in your car beforehand as doing this later on after birth may get difficult for you alone.
  • Make a labor playlist-to get on with the experience of a painful labor, you can make a labor playlist or a list of songs which soothe you and help you relax. Carry the music player with you to the hospital.
  • Read a novel-to get your mind off all the stress, you can start reading a novel a few days before your expecting date. Read a book which is engrossing and is interesting enough to help you be distracted days before labor. This will also keep your entertained and occupied.


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