Turning A Breech Baby – Is It Possible And Safe?

One of the major reasons for having to deliver a baby by C section is the baby being in a breech position; when it’s not the head but feet first (footling breech position), bottom first (frank breech position) or baby sitting on heels (complete breech position).

Whereas earlier breech babies were routinely delivered vaginally, this is some of a lost obstetric art now.

Though some experts opine that it isn’t possible to turn a breech baby, others say that is possible to do so using the following techniques:

  • Swimming is known to keep the pelvis loose and relaxed which could help. Doing a headstand in the pool (assisted) may also help.
  • Doing the breech tilt cold help push the baby’s head into the fundus and help it do a somersault.
  • Massaging the tummy is also seen to be able to turn the baby from the breech into the normal birthing position. Advice for this must be taken from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • For some women, acupressure (or a motion sickness band) as well as acupuncture is seen to work to turn the baby.
  • Having an experienced chiropractor perform a maneuver. known as the Webster’s technique. could also help turn the baby.


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