Twins With Different Dads, Is It Possible?

Twins with different dads, believe it or not, it is possible! There are actually two types of twins, one is called identical twins that came from the same egg and sperm cell and divided into two separate individuals, which means they have the same mother and father. They are often of the same sex gender and look exactly alike.

twinsThe other type is called fraternal twins, where two egg cells mature and are fertilized.

In this case however, it could be from the same father when the egg cells are released at the same time, so that two separate sperms are able to fertilize it.

But, in cases where egg cells are released within one or two day intervals, and the woman becomes sexually intimate with another man, then the twins would be of different dads!

This type of twin pregnancy is called heteropaternal superfecundation (HS). This can also be as a result of in vitro fertilization where a woman gets to choose to have two kids from different biological dads that are available in the sperm bank. Or it can happen as a result of an error during the handling of the in vitro fertilization.

The incidence of HS is very rare, but the rise in the utilization of in vitro fertilization as a means of pregnancy has increased the incidence of fraternal pregnancies with different biological fathers. These developments have raised some controversies in some couples with HS. To settle this dispute, the DNA Identity Testing Center of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. has actively participated in resolving DNA testing issues worldwide.


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