Is Unassisted Childbirth a Viable Option?

More and more women are thinking about unassisted childbirth. While some may think that this is something that lacks the sense of responsibility, if you come to think of it, it may sound like a good idea.

It means that women give birth naturally without any medication or medical intervention.

Information about unhindered childbirth

The term actually means willingly giving birth without the help of a doctor, nurse or midwife. This is a planned process, so you don’t have to think about emergency reasons, lack of access to a birth attendant or any other kind of medical care.

Unassisted ChildbirthReasons and motivations

When it comes to unhindered childbirth, the reasons and motivations vary from one woman to the other.

One of the common reasons is that birth is a normal function of women’s body and so there is no need for medical help. Some other people say that the modern technology does more harm than good.

According to the fans of unassisted childbirth, mothers are able to follow the natural flow of things and they can do their job better if they are in an undisturbed setting.

This way she can find the perfect techniques and positions to bring the child into the world.

It is also said regarding childbirth without assistance that it is a more intimate and sexual experience and it could also become an orgasmic one. There is need for intimacy for women to experience the erotic side of the event.

When it comes to home birth, women say that this way they have the possibility to bond with their child at early stages and this way the maternal feelings are even stronger. It is also believed that this way mothers become more responsive towards the needs of the baby.

Types of birth without assistance

Women could have unassisted childbirth together with their friends and family. Although during childbirth of this kind there is no medical help, women may wish to have supportive people around them. These could include the partner, parents, close friends or other people. These people could have different role to play.

Couple’s birth

In this case of giving birth without medical assistance it means that the mother and her partner would like to be alone during the process. Some of the people say that childbirth is the consummation of their marriage. If women want to have an ecstatic birth, it is very important to have some privacy. Others say that this is a time of bonding between the spouses.

Solo birth

While unassisted childbirth could be a social experience, some of the women prefer to go through it alone during the time of birth and then to be joined by their partner.

Some other women prefer to be totally alone in their home or the location they give birth at. In this case women see it as a private process and they may think that all they need is their intuition.

As you may see unassisted childbirth has its advantages, but women should also think about the possible issues that may appear.


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