Water Breaking Signs and Symptoms

Water breaking is something which most pregnant women worry. It is important to understand what exactly happens when your water breaks and what must be the next step after this happens. It is vital to know that during pregnancy, the baby is surrounded as well as cushioned all around in a sac filled with fluid called the amniotic sac.

At the beginning of labor, this sac tends to rupture and this is called water breaking. There are many water breaking signs and symptoms which a pregnant woman must know beforehand to be more prepared to deal with the situation. The following are some of the water breaking signs and symptoms:

Water Breaking Signs and Symptoms

  • The first thing to understand about water breaking is that only a small percentage of women undergo water breaking and hence you must not expect that you will experience this process before going into labor. In many cases, it is during labor that this phenomenon happens to women.
  • The sign of water breaking that you can look out for is a small popping sound which happens right before it.
  • Another symptom of water breaking is a sudden gush of water trickling which will be followed by a steady leak.
  • There are not many other signs and symptoms of water breaking as it does not come with a warning sign but just happens anytime before the completion of the pregnancy period but many women have reported feeling certain wetness in the perineal area which too suggests water breaking.
  • You must not confuse water breaking with vaginal fluid which tends to increase as a woman approaches her labor.

What to do After Water Breaking

Many people are confused about what to do after water breaking. For them, the following are a few tips and suggestions:

  • The first thing to do after water breaking is to note down the time of water breaking and the appearance and color of the fluid.
  • After this, you must contact your doctor immediately and pack your bag for the hospital as you surely are headed towards labor.
  • After this the labor starts in about 24 hours after water breaking so be prepared for the same.

Water breaking is not an unusual thing and women must handle it patiently and look out for its signs and symptoms. At the same time, don’t worry if you go into labor before your water breaks – it is quite normal.


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