The Water Breaking Signs Announce You Are in Labor

Usually women are curious about water breaking, like when it happens, why it happens and also the water breaking signs. Since it is considered to be a sign of labor, you should know that water breaking offers you a timeline of birth and in some way this helps you with timing.

What happens during the water breaking?

It is a known fact that during pregnancy the baby is surrounded by a sac filled with fluid, known as the amniotic sac. In some cases, the sac breaks or leaks before labor begins, but this happens quite rarely. This situation is known as premature rupture of the membranes.

Water Breaking SignsOne of the sure signs of water breaking is to feel a trickle or water like fluid from the vagina. It is also possible to experience an obvious gush when the time comes, just as you can see in the movies. Again, keep in mind that this happens only in rare situations.

How can you be sure of the water breaking signs?

The truth is that it could be tricky to make the difference between urine and amniotic fluid, especially if there is only a bit of fluid. If you aren’t sure you should talk to your doctor or midwife or go to the hospital immediately. You have to keep an eye out for the time when you believe your water broke.

When thinking about signs of water breaking also try to observe the characteristics of the fluid and notice any changes regarding the odor or color. Based on these observations your baby and you will be assessed and your doctor will determine the following steps.

What not to do?

There are some things that you should be careful about when you observe the water breaking signs. One of these things is to make sure that you don’t introduce anything in your vagina so that no bacteria will get there. As you may have thought, you should avoid having sex if you think that you are leaking amniotic fluid.

After you observe the signs of water breaking it may be alright to have a shower, but some of the specialists say that you should head right to the hospital without any additional activities that could delay your arrival to the delivery facility.

When does labor begin?

In the majority of the cases women will soon enter labor after they notice the water breaking signs or the rupture of the membranes labor. Still, it is possible that there is a delay and in this case women usually require the induction of labor in an artificial way.

The bad news regarding the signs of water breaking is that the longer it takes for the labor to begin after the water broke, the higher the chances are for the women to contract some kind of infection. This is why normally the doctors turn to artificial labor induction.

What if the water breaking signs appear too early?

If the signs appear before the 37th week of pregnancy then it is referred to as preterm premature membrane rupture. If this happens there are some risk factors that women have to take into consideration. These include a history of early water breaking, genital tract infection and vaginal bleeding.

If you experience the signs of water breaking too early, your state and the state of the baby will be assessed by your health care provider. It is possible to extend your pregnancy for a little while even if your water already broke.

Now you know more about the water breaking signs and you know what to look out for.


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