What Are the Ways to Induce Labor on Your Own?

After a while you just get fed up with being pregnant and you start looking for ways to induce labor on your own. There are some methods you could try, but no matter what you do you should make sure that you talk to your health care provider first to make sure that the baby is safe.

Ways to Induce Labor on Your Own

Have intercourse as a way to start labor on your own

This method is believed to work because sperm contains prostaglandins that sometimes rip the cervix. Furthermore, during their orgasm, women release oxytocin that induces contractions. Although sex isn’t really conformable with your huge belly, for sure you will find a way to manage and you can be sure that you won’t hurt the baby.

Take a walk

When looking for methods to induce labor on your own you should be thinking about having a walk. Even if it doesn’t start labor you will feel fit at the end and it also helps women cope with stress. All you have to do is to grab your walking shoes and start moving. This may be the last walk you have with the baby inside.

Nipple stimulation

When it comes to the ways to induce labor on your own you should know that it may help to start rubbing and stimulating your nipples. The only downside is that this may have to be done for hours. This may not sound too tempting to you but your partner may disagree, especially if your nipples will be off limits for him once the little one gets born.

Castor oil as one of the tips to start labor on your own

According to midwives one of the methods of start labor on your own is to have 1-4 ounces of castor oil. You might want to add it to milk to make it tastier. This is the right way to go if you want to speed up early labor. Castor oil will make things move in the intestines and this may cause contractions in the uterus as well.

Spicy food

Although some people swear that this one of the ways to induce labor on your own really works, the specialists are really skeptical about it. It is possible that you will have a serious heartburn and if your labor starts you could throw up all the spicy food you had.


This is an ancient Chinese technique according to which if you push certain points in the body you can promote good circulation. It might become one of the tips to induce labor on your own if you press the right points to support circulation in the uterus.

Talk to the belly

Although this one of the ways to induce labor on your own may sound silly, some people think that if you tell the baby to come out, he or she will listen. Even more, some of the specialists think that the baby is the one sending the signals to your body to get the labor started.


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