Woman Unaware of Pregnancy Gives Birth!

The story of Jessica Genaw is truly an unusual one; almost an unbelievable one – she gave birth to a healthy 7 pound 10 ounce baby boy on New Year’s Eve, without being aware of her pregnancy all throughout her pregnancy.

pregnant deliveryGenaw was taking birth control pills right throughout her pregnancy and was unaware that she had conceived.

On the day that the baby was due to arrive, she said that she just felt really sick all day, and then started having really bad stomach cramps.

Then the cramps got really bad and she thought a bath would offer some relief. However the cramps got worse and she got the feeling that she really had to push!

She then called 911 and when the paramedics arrived, they had to break into the house since Genaw was not able to get out of the bath. It was only when she was in the ambulance that she realized she was in labor. Once at the hospital, all it took was one push to get baby out!

While this is a truly exceptional case, it is not unheard of that women don’t come to know about a pregnancy until later, since they exhibit few or no signs of it; even continuing to have normal periods throughout their pregnancy!



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