Top Designer Maternity Clothes You Should Consider

Those times when pregnant women had to wear sweatpants are long over and now it is time to think about designer maternity clothes. These will make sure that you maintain your style even during your pregnancy and that you will feel good about yourself in those 9 months.

Designer Maternity Clothes

Veronique Maternity and maternity clothes that are designer made

This is the hottest maternity shop of the moment. The shop got top marks from the Best of New York and there are some rumors according to which Gwyneth Paltrow also shops there. In the shop you will find jeans from Seven and Earl.

In the same time among the designer pregnancy clothes you will also find the creations of Italian and French designers such as Nicol Caramel. If you are a true fashionista, you might want to stick to that during your pregnancy as well and in this case this is the perfect place for you to shop.

Liz Lange Maternity

When thinking about pregnancy clothes that are designer made you have to know that Liz Lange is a designer and she was the editor of Vogue. Now she offers an entire line of pregnancy wear for each trimester of your pregnancy and for every occasion possible.

The designer clothes for pregnant women that she offers include underbelly trousers and camisoles with floral prints. The best thing about the pieces of clothing is that they are versatile and fashionable. As you may have guessed these items aren’t cheap, but you can find markdowns in case of the sale items.

You might be on a tight budget regarding the pregnant women’s designer clothes. If this is your case you should keep an eye out for the Liz Lange clothes at Target. This way you will get the same high quality products for a lot less.

Pea in the Pod

This store offers maternity dresses that are designer made from Diane von Furstenberg and Juicy Couture.  This is the place for you if you are looking for the latest sexy cocktail dresses, bikinis and low rise jeans. However you can expect to find designer prices as well.

If you are wearing designer pregnancy dresses of this kind you can be sure that you are special because Debra Messing and Cate Blanchet also shopped from this store when they were expecting.

Motherhood Maternity

If you don’t want to invest in pregnancy dresses that are designer made, that you will wear only once, this is the right place for you. Here you will find items for affordable prices. Another advantage of the store is that it also carries clothing for plus sizes and nursing wear.

Finding designer maternity dresses for yourself or for your loved ones isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Just decide on your budget and find the stores that are suitable for the budget that you have.  When buying, also consider your pre-pregnancy style; you don’t have to give it up.


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