Create Your Own Wardrobe With DIY Maternity Clothes Ideas

After you are pregnant, it is a sad part of your story when you can’t fit into the wonderful dresses you absolutely adored. So, the only option you think you really have is buy new maternity clothes, right? Wrong. Purchasing maternity clothes is something you shouldn’t really invest in, not when you have to spent good on the new life you’ll be introducing to the world soon. The maternity clothes are quiet expensive and you know you’ll need them only for a short period of time.

DIY Maternity Clothes Ideas

So what do you really do at a time like this? You create your own clothes!

From vibrant maxis to paper bag skirts, stretchable t- shirts and suit turned cape jacket, it’s really a very innovative and inexpensive idea to live the few days of raising your child inside you while at the same time being in fashion. Check out these fun ideas that help you fit in your old jeans as well as design your own maternity skirt today, today!

  • Skinny Jeans: Everyone loves wearing jeans, and at all times. So it is really a nightmare when you have to live at least 5 to 6 months without wearing one. Why wait? Create your own jeans that you can wear even during your pregnancy period. It’s really simple. All you need is a jeans that you can wear at least round your waist, it need not be buttoned but it needs to fit around your waist. You can either use your old pants or buy a very cheap one.

Cut the waist part of the jeans starting just below your zipper, curve up to the bottom of the belt line on each side. Extend all the way to the back, tracing the lower end of the belt line. Now all you need to do is attach an elastic fabric to the end of the cut. Measure according to your present waist leaving an extra inch so that it would still fit even if you increase a little.

  • Maternity Skirt: It’s always about chic fashion when it comes to skirts. Create your own A-line gathered skirt that is extremely adorable and at the same time comfortable, especially at times when nature calls. So, for this you would require a flowy fabric about 2 yards long. Cut out two rectangles of about 24” in length and 45” wide. Cut out a waistband from it but which is a lot larger than your waist. Use an elastic band a little lesser than your waist. Fix the flowy fabric to this waist band making sure that you create a lot of ruffles as you go. You can do this by gathering the fabric at one place and fixing them together. After you are done with sewing the whole fabric up with the waist band, evenly smooth out the ruffles. Finally hem up the bottom of your skirt. Ultimately you have a flowy skirt that can expand to the fullest.

Besides these you can also create some fun T-Shirts, tops, pants, wrap dress and others to be comfortable as well as look stylish.

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