Adorable Dressing Ideas for a Maternity Shoot

Maternity days are special, precious and exciting – all expecting parents love to behold the memories of these months. This can be aptly done by getting a maternity photo-shoot. The baby bump, facial glow, happiness reflecting on the gestures of the couple makes it all that is needed for a maternity photoshoot; but since the figure gets plumpy and out of shape, the would-be moms are often doubtful about what to wear for a maternity shoot.

It goes obvious that whatever you choose has to be comfortable, well fitted and complimenting your new shape! Maternity shoots can also be glamorous and fashionable and there are dozens of ideas to flaunt the “happy” days ahead. Here are the top dressing ideas that will make you look your best during a maternity shoot –

adorable dressing ideas for a maternity shootLoose Flowing Gowns

The main reason why you go for a maternity photo shoot is to showcase your baby bump. Therefore, you need to plan your photoshoot around the 30 week calendar as this is the best time when your belly pops up. Flowing gowns are the best attires that can keep your body covered and also hide the curves of fatty layers that you don’t want to show, while it keeps the main focus on your bump.

Choose the gown with a fashionable top as you need to keep the waist portion flowing, the upper portion can be off shoulder or spaghetti. Floral prints or plain pastel shades look great on expecting moms. Knee length gowns are also in fashion that makes the bump clearly visible as well.

Tight Blouses

Maternity time does not mean loose and shaggy clothes always; you can go stylish wearing tight fitting blouses and tops that do not go too tight around your belly zone. The 3/4ths sleeve chevron blouses with low waist floral skirts adorns very well on pregnant ladies. O-neck T shirts with a baby cartoon motif and loose parallel pants is yet another good idea! You can also wear a tight blouse and a loose dungaree above. Whatever tight dresses you choose make sure that the fabric is breathable and you are perfectly comfortable at your belly.

A-Line Maxi Dresses

These are found in variable lengths, knee length, below knee and even ankle length. The beauty of such A- line dresses are that they show your belly radiantly keeping the rest of your body in sleek shape as well. You can adjust such maxi dresses with strings behind or also accessorise the middle portion with gorgeous belts (below the tummy). A-line dresses come in different prints as well (choose the earthly colours) and are absolutely comfortable!

Tops and Denim

This attire can never go wrong, be it any occasion and age. You can choose the T shirts that are a little lengthy and cover your belly well. Prefer lightly patterned ones or solid colours, meaningful logos that hint your pregnancy can be eye catchy too! Get a pair of comfortable denims, not too tight around your waist, you can fold the lower part for added fashion and makes it less risky too. A white button up blouse also goes great during these shoots.

Maternity dresses are a bit costly, but if you can select the right ones at the right time, they will be in your wardrobe for long as gowns, Tshirts, A line dresses usually never go out of fashion. Accessorise yourself with chunky necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, pretty scarves etc.


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