Packing Your Maternity Bag? Consider These 7 Essentials

If you thought that packing for a holiday was a big task, then you have no clue how challenging can packing a maternity bag is. Once the bag is packed and taken to the hospital for labor and after labor, there is nothing that you can do to change it or add more stuff. Therefore packing a maternity bag must be done carefully and atleast a few weeks in advance before the suggested date. The following are the 7 essentials to pack in a maternity bag:

Packing Your Maternity Bag

  1. The most important thing to pack in a maternity bag is one or two pairs of going-home clothes, both for you and your baby.  For this, opt for a loose, pair of skirt or pants and a loose top.  For the baby, choose footie pajamas and t-shirts or a baby suit.  Also remember to pack a blanket, especially in winters.
  2. The other item which goes into the maternity bag is a zip pouch or case containing essential toiletries for your baby and yourself.  For yourself, you will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, a shampoo, soap, a face wash, deodorant and other basics.  Also keep a hairbrush, a lip gloss and other needed items.
  3. For your hospital stay too, you will need to pack appropriate garments. For this, you must pack a large, loose fitting t-shirt, a nightgown or a long skirt and a bathrobe.  Gowns and robes are generally recommended as they are comfortable during breastfeeding.  Also pack a few pairs of nursing bras, maternity underwear, a pair of flip flops and a few pair of socks as well.
  4. You must also pack in some supplies for the time of labor. Labor can be painful and stressful and to ease yourself from it, you can pack in cds of your favorite music, pictures of your loved ones or essential oil for calming your senses.
  5. Another important thing which you must carry in your maternity bag is all the insurance paper work and files.  Carry copy of your records which the doctor handed over to you and also a copy of your birth plan.
  6. If you are interested in getting a birth video shot, then make sure you carry a portable video camera or a still camera with you. Make sure you carry enough batteries for your camera and also a spare memory card in case the memory fills up. A lot of parents love clicking pictures of their newly born soon after the birth and for this too, a camera is an essential.
  7. Some other little things which you can take with you, if you have space left in your maternity bag are phone chargers, mobile phones, mints, candies, some cash, change of clothes for your partner or whoever is going to stay with you at the hospital.

To get all this stuff in the bag, make sure you go for a large bag with a wide opening. The bag must also have several divisions and a zip pocket for keeping cash and papers.

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