Formal Maternity Dresses to Be Elegant When Expecting

Women find it difficult to find the right dress for formal events and their job becomes even more difficult when they are looking for formal maternity dresses. The good news is that there are a lot of designers who think about pregnant women and so there are a lot of dresses to choose from.

Formal Maternity Dresses

How fancy the formal pregnancy dress has to be?

The first step that you have to take when looking for a dress is to determine how fancy it has to be. If you have to attend a cocktail party, consider a simple black dress or separates. On the other hand, if you have to go to a ball or gala you should consider getting a gown.

Cocktail party

If you are looking for a pregnancy dress that is formal for a party of this kind you could consider wearing dressy pants or a black skirt with a blouse or a sweater. The tunics or blouses should be made of silk, taffeta or lace. For the sweater consider cashmere with rhinestones or pearls.


To make the maternity dress that is formal even more interesting, you could consider adding to it the hosiery in pale colors. It could also be smoky black. Look for the hosiery that comes with seams, rhinestones, bows, or even dainty patterns.


When wearing formal dresses for maternity you have to make sure that your shoes are also comfortable. For this you should have shoes with low heels that are comfortable even if your feet are a bit swollen because of the pregnancy. Also make sure that you have a bag that matches the shoes.


It is easy to draw the attention away from the tummy with the help of the pregnancy dress that is formal and with the use of accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Look for accessories that sparkle, such as pearls to have a chic yet elegant look on the big night.

Emphasizing the upper body

One of the most important aspects of the formal dresses for pregnancy is for them to enhance the upper body of pregnant women. This is important because during this period this is the slimmest body part of women. You could also be wearing a bit of extra makeup.

Your hairstyle could also help the look of the pregnant women’s formal dresses. If you have long hair you should have an updo and have a hairpiece that draws the attention upon itself. You could also add real flowers to your hair to enhance your maternity glow.

Wrap or jacket

It is important for women not to get a cold, and this is why the formal dresses of pregnant women should be finished with a wrap or jacket. You could consider cashmere, pashmina, or silk. For added elegance you could also wear fur.

Now you know how to choose maternity formal dresses and how to make them look even better on you. Don’t forget that pregnant women can look sexy and elegant too.


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