List of Clothes Not to Wear During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an awesome feeling and you get beautiful all naturally with a little one growing inside you. You body changes shape and gives space to the baby, the baby bum slowly gets revealed, your waists widen, you breasts enlarge and you discover that the old clothes no longer fit so well!

Nowadays, there is a special line of clothes for expectant mothers known as maternity clothes; but instances are not rare spotting pregnant mothers wearing odd and awkward clothes with the protruding belly. You just need to go with the flow, let your dresses compliment your figure atleast in this phase. Here is a list of dresses and shoes that should be avoided during pregnancy –

clothes not to wear during pregnancy

Tight Pants

Avoid wearing tight pants as they will not only look skinny and unjustified with your “not so perfect” figure right now but it can also be uncomfortable and posing pressing on the baby.

Too Short Dresses

Many celebrities are seen to flaunt their baby bump and wearing micro mini dresses at actually don’t look charming. You need to look decent while pregnant and such dresses might reveal your private parts in a clumsy way.

T-Shirt with Front Slits

It is better not to wear the shirts or blouses having slits in front showing off your belly and naval. It might look sensuous the other time but definitely not during pregnancy.

Tube Blouses

During pregnancy, the upper part of the body should be well covered, if not very tight but with hugging clothes. Tube top would completely look lousy on you this time.

Extremely Loose Clothes

To hide the baby bump many mothers choose wearing loose and baggy clothes that just makes you look like a tent or hanger ons. It might be comfortable but these clothes don’t accentuate your curves. Wearing nice maternity outfits boosts up your spirits when pregnant while lose and shapeless clothes would do no good.

Very Tight or Loose Undergarments

The right size of undergarments is a must for any person and during pregnancy the better you look, the better you will feel and indirectly benefit the baby. Too tight undergarments are risky and also uncomfortable. Too loose ones do not give you the confidence to good look and also sags your breasts even more. Thus, choose very carefully the bra, slip ons, and underwear, etc. Avoid t-back, thongs, or boy short.

T-Shirt and Shorts

This dress is definitely not for these 9 months. A small pants and a T-shirt with the large belly will just make you look funny and nothing else.

High Heels

Footwear also needs equal consideration during this period as your looks. High heels are not only uncomfortable during pregnancy but very risky as well. In case you topple down, the baby and you would be immensely harmed. You can choose among the countless varieties of flat shoes.

Never try to fit in some clothes forcefully on you during pregnancy just because you like them. There are many serious considerations to be made; because you are carrying a baby now, the comfort factor stands as priority. Choose colours wisely, all colours go well during this time; avoid black as much as possible. Staying comfortable and safe is the bottom-line.


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