Long Maternity Dresses – Choosing the Right One

Although you might think that it is difficult to find the right long maternity dresses, the good news is that there are a lot of options that you have, you just have to find the style that is suitable for you and that you feel good and comfortable in.

Long Maternity Dresses

Pre-pregnancy shape and the long dresses for maternity

When buying a new dress you should think about your pre-pregnancy shape and use the same rules. For instance, if you choose a really long dress it will elongate your body. The empire line is also very flattering because it sits on the lowest point. The straps of the new dress should be wide enough to hide the maternity bra.


For sure you know that God is in details and the same principle applies to the pregnancy long dresses. For example if you don’t want people to notice the straps of you maternity bra you should choose a dress with some detail that grabs the attention of the people around you.

Wrap dress

One of the best options that you have regarding the long dresses for pregnancy is the wrap dress. This is because it has a V neck. Another advantage of the dress is that you can control your body’s shape depending on how much you tighten the dress on the waist.

The best thing about this one of the long pregnancy dresses is that they make it possible for women to nurse. This way you will be able to use the dress even after you give birth. If you happen to be petite you should be thinking about the dresses with a high neck.

Figure hugging

The good thing about the figure hugging dresses for maternity is that they emphasize the baby bump thus drawing the attention away from the bust. It is also great for them to have embellishment lines because they make the dress look even more interesting.

If you happen to have a large bust, when it comes to pregnant women’s long dresses you should choose the V neck option. It is even better if you go for a deep V neck because it elongates your figure and it draws the attention away from your bust line.

The sleeve

When it comes to the sleeve of the long dresses for pregnant women consider the three quarter and the capped sleeve. If you are looking for evening wear you should make sure that the dress is made of satin or silk because it glides over your belly. In this case you should go for the empire line.


If you are looking for pregnancy dresses go for those that come with a tie detail on the back. This way you will be able to control definition. When thinking about fabrics, you shouldn’t be afraid of the prints. They can hide a lot of flaws.

Now you know how to choose a maternity dress and you know what you should keep an eye out for to find the right dress.


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