Things to Know About Maternity Shoes

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy the center of gravity shifts and so women are more prone to falling.

This is why they should have maternity shoes that are comfortable and that offer them balance. During this time women should avoid high heels and opt for the flat soles.

Maternity Shoes

Boots and shoes for maternity

If you happen to be pregnant in the cool season, for sure you are thinking about getting a pair of boots.  The good news is that there are a lot of different styles and materials to choose from. However you should opt for those that come with flat soles or short heels.

Allow the feet to breathe

If you are looking for pregnancy shoes in the summer, you could be thinking about a pair of cute sandals that would allow your feet to breathe. The best thing about them is that you can dress them up or match them with a simple top and a pair of shorts and you would still look magnificent.

Broad and low heel

Instead of thinking about a low heeled pump as maternity shoes you should consider a loafer with a stacked low heel. This is a lot better for your balance and your feet won’t hurt in them either. The loafers of this kind come in numerous different colors and styles so they are easy to mix and match.

Support for the ankle

Although some women think that low heels are always good for shoes for pregnant women, there are some mocasins and ballet flats that don’t offer enough support for the ankles. Before buying, you should walk around the store to check whether there is enough support or not.

Rubber sole

If your everyday maternity shoes come with rubber soles, they will be able to absorb shocks and they are better for your back and knees. One of the best trends for this purpose is the ‘mock sneaks’. These have an athletic style and they are easy to slip on.

Slip on

When looking for pregnant women’s shoes you should consider that as pregnancy progresses, your feet might swell. This means that the shoes that come with laces will be more difficult to put on, so you should be looking for the shoes that you can simply slip in.

Say no

No matter how much you like the high heeled pumps, when thinking about maternity shoes you just have to say no to the shoes that for sure will hurt your feet. During your pregnancy you shouldn’t choose fashion over comfort because you will end up with a lot of aching body parts.

Ask for help

Even though you have the perfect shoes for expecting women, during the last weeks of your pregnancy you might find it difficult to put them on and so you should be asking for some help.

The main point of the maternity shoes is for them to be comfortable and to make you feel good. The right shoes could help you avoid pain.


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