All About Choosing Maternity Skirts

Although the maternity skirts aren’t the first option of women during their pregnancy, there are some women who prefer skirts over pants and jeans, and most probably they would like to know how to make the best choice. There are some guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Maternity Skirts

Pre-pregnancy size and skirts for maternity

When looking for a skirt you should consider your pre-pregnancy size. In the same time you should opt for those styles and fits that were flattering for your silhouette before you got pregnant. This is because these are still the most suitable for your silhouette.

Below the knee option

When thinking about pregnancy skirts, you should know that there are three main options. The best thing about the below the knee skirts is that they flatter all kinds of silhouettes. In the same time they are also known for their versatility: you can wear them for the office, walks or home.

Above the knee

If you are thinking about maternity skirts, this is another option that you have. This is the best option for the women who have nice legs. They can be used for both daywear and for a night out, not to mention that in some cases they also work for the office.

Full length maternity skirts

Although women don’t really think about skirts of this kind, they are just perfect for all seasons. This is a great choice for the women who don’t think that they have great legs, but that would still like to wear skirts. These come in a number of different materials, including denim.


When choosing skirts for pregnancy, you should also consider the kind of underwear that you will wear. It is best to go for the seamless underwear because this way you can avoid the unwanted lines. One of the options that you have is to wear maternity tights that will make your skirt trans-seasonal.


Although you might think that any skirt could be one of the maternity skirts you have to keep in mind that it needs to be elastic enough to accommodate your growing belly. The best thing you could do is to choose those skirts that come with an elastic material at the waistline so that you will be able to use the skirt for longer periods of time.


Don’t forget that you will wear the pregnant women’s skirts only for a few weeks, so there is no point in investing larger sums of money in them. You should get a couple of basic pieces. It is a good idea to have a black skirt, which you can wear for just any occasion. This should have a simple but elegant model.


For women who don’t want to look large, they should avoid the horizontal lines or embellishments. Now you know more about the maternity skirts and you also know how to choose them.


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