Merits and Demerits of Using Bella Band

Maternity support bands or bella bands have become an important asset for expecting mothers in the contemporary era. It is a medical band worn to fix the fetus in the correct position. The supporting band provides support to the abdominal muscles and prevents overstretching during pregnancy that can bring complications. It eases the lower back and keeps your spine and internal organs pressure free.

The maternity support bands are worn under your clothes and over your underwear. These bella bands are also referred as the prenatal, the postnatal and multi -purpose bands. However, you should take doctor’s advice before using this orthopedic garment called the maternity support bands during pregnancy.

merits and demerits of using bella band

Availability and Choice of Maternal Support Bands

Best fitting bella bands are available at pharmacies, maternity or orthopedic stores. Care should be taken to choose the correct sized support bands. You should not choose bella bands that cause itching or discomforts. Maternity support bands have a service life. It overstretches during the course of usage and does not function in a normal way.

Points to be Remembered While using the Maternity Support Bands

  • Commence using bella bands not more than the twentieth week of pregnancy.
  • Always wear your supporting band in a lying position as it will hold the fetus in the correct position.
  • Immediately consult specialists in case you face difficulty in using the bella band.
  • Do not use the supporting bands continuously throughout the day. Allow a half an hour gap in every three hours’ time.
  • Maternity support bands get soiled often. So you should be aware to hand wash it with warm water.
  • From the thirty sixth week of pregnancy women should not wear the support bands too frequently unless during household tasks, physical exercises or walking hours.

Advantages of Using Maternity Support Bands

  • Risk of miscarriage can be avoided during the second and third trimester by using the bella bands.
  • Abstain from uterus scar during the duration of pregnancy.
  • Chances of multiple pregnancy, oversized fetus and deadly hydrops can be reduced by support band usage.
  • By using maternity support bands proper support is provided to the fetus to keep it in the right position.
  • The support bands are of immense help to the weak abdominal muscles. Due to consecutive pregnancy the abdominal muscles tend to stretch. The support bands thus provide help in such circumstances.
  • Risk and pain occurring from spinal disorders can be avoided or reduced by usage of maternity support bands.

Disadvantages of Using Maternity Support Bands

The main function of the maternity support band is to fix the position of the fetus within the womb. However try to avoid the use of maternity band once you identify that there exists malfunction of the fetal. Always consult a doctor in time for accurate advice. If you experience discomfort and pain in using the maternity support band do not continue to use it. The bella bands are necessarily worn not in a sitting or standing position but by lying down. Therefore it becomes very difficult for working pregnant women to handle their support bands during working hours in office.

Thus we see that the maternity support bands have gained popularity among the mass and numerous expecting mothers make it in use during and after pregnancy.


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