How to Choose Pregnancy Lingerie?

Although you don’t really find slipping into lacey lingerie during pregnancy very sexy, you should know that pregnancy lingerie could be really hot if you find something you feel comfortable in. This is a really good way to spice up things in the bedroom and also to have some fun with your new found curves.

Pregnancy Lingerie

Classy and simple lingerie for pregnancy

You don’t have to think about something very elaborate. In fact, it is enough to have something to slip in that is new and different from the lingerie you had before. During pregnancy women usually like to have ruffles because they accentuate their curves and they make them look more feminine.

Cute and comfortable

If this is how you want to feel, then you should choose your maternity lingerie accordingly.  Consider having a microfiber nursing bra and girlshort. Since both of the items are comfy, all there is left for you to decide on is the style and the color. If you are going for the super cute look, consider baby pink.

Sweet and sexy

Don’t forget that when it comes to pregnancy lingerie, the most comfortable item you can opt for is the nursing bra. Besides this you could go for a classic bikini that comes with some lace as well to make it more interesting. To achieve a sexy look you could choose items that have a few bows or other details.

Being naughty

If usually you are naughty in the bedroom, there is no reason for you not to be during your pregnancy. You just have to find the right lingerie for maternity to do it. Think about getting a nursing camisole and a lace bikini. To show off your wild side consider the black or the deep red items.


If you would like to achieve a more innocent look through your pregnancy lingerie you might have in mind a nursing nightie. These usually come with some details like a bow, and they could also have some lace on the bottom to make them even more interesting.

Sophisticated look

A nursing nightie is a really versatile piece for pregnant women’s lingerie. It could become even sexier if you opt for a satin and lace nightie in black. Just as in the previous case, this also comes with a bow and the lace on the bottom of the nightie gives it a special vibe that will make your partner go wild.

Where to find pregnancy lingerie?

The truth is that finding lingerie of this kind might turn out to be quite difficult. However there are a few retailers who specialize in maternity clothes. If you are looking for some special lingerie, there are a number of stores that you should visit. The styles and price ranges of the stores vary so you should check them all out.

The stores that carry lingerie for pregnant women include LoveHoney, In the Mood Intimates, Motherhood Maternity Intimates and Hot Milk Nursing Lingerie.

As you can see pregnancy can be all about you with the right pregnancy lingerie.


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