5 Steps to Measure a Nursing Bra Correctly

The key to comfortable nursing and effective breastfeeding is a properly fitted nursing bra.  Nursing bras are special types of bras which are worn by women who are in their nursing period and are designed in a way which provides ease in nursing and also supports the weight of the breasts.  If a nursing bra doesn’t fit properly or is uncomfortable, then it can cause clogged milk ducts and hence it is very important for all new moms to measure their nursing bra correctly.

Steps To Measure A Nursing Bra


The following are the 5 steps or ways which will help you in measuring a nursing bra correctly and accurately.

  1. While measuring your nursing bra size, you must always first remove the bra that you are currently wearing or using. This helps because if the bra that you are using doesn’t fit properly, then it may lead to wrong measurement of nursing bra.
  2. After doing so, you must get a good quality measuring tape and position it on your rib cage directly under the breasts.  The measuring tape should be pulled back taut and should be kept straight.  As your band size, note and write down the measurements obtained.
  3. Now the next step is to align the measuring tape on the fullest part or point of your breasts and pull back the tape taut. But at this point, the tape must not be pulled very tightly and should be kept straight.  Note down the number and write it down under the previous measurement.
  4. Now, in order to calculate the cup size of your breasts, you will need to subtract the measurement of the rib cage from the measurement of the breast.  If there is a difference of one inch in both the sizes, then your cup size is A, if the difference is of two inches, then the cup size is B, if the difference is of three inches then your cup size is C, if the difference is 4 inches, then the cup size is D whereas in the case when the difference is of 5 inches, then the cup size is E.
  5. Now to find your nursing bra size, you will need to keep together the rib cage measurement and the Cup size.  For example, if the rib cage size is 40 inches and the cup size is C, then your nursing bra size comes out to be 40C and so on.

Warnings and Instructions:

  • Even if you have measured your nursing bra size accurately, you will need to try on all the bras before purchasing them as the fit and the feel may vary from company to company.
  • A nursing bra must always be purchased after 2 or 3 weeks of child birth.  This time period allows reduction in swelling and the milk to fill up in the ducts.
  • If you feel that your nursing bra has become uncomfortable even after measuring the size accurately, then it may be because of change in your body size. In such a case, you must change the bra.

Photo Credit By: nursingbraexpress.com


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