Stylish Maternity Clothes – Useful Ideas How to Pick Them

Usually women start looking for stylish maternity clothes in the second trimester.

This could be a nice pastime activity if you know the basics of choosing the right clothes.

For sure you have been shopping before, but shopping for maternity clothes is something different because there are more aspects to be taken into consideration.

Stylish Maternity Clothes

Timing and maternity clothes that are stylish

There might come a moment when you will need maternity clothes and the best thing you can do is to buy what you need, when you need it. You may borrow some clothes from your partner until you buy all the items that you need. It is really comfortable to wear button-up shirts.

Another tip to increase the life span of your clothes before getting maternity clothes that are fashionable is to get a ‘belly-button’. This consists of buttons connected through elastics to make your pants fit. You might experience a sudden growth spurt and so you should always have a few maternity items at hand.

What to look for?

The majority of the stores carry maternity clothes that are cool and there are also the specialty stores that you should look at. Consignment stores may also be an option. Since women don’t need pregnancy clothes for long periods of time, you may find gently-used but trendy items.

When buying stylish pregnancy clothes you should know that the size depends on your pre-pregnancy size. However the sizes vary from one brand to the other. Consider the pieces made of Lycra or cotton jersey because these stretch so that you can use them for longer periods of time.

Before buying fashionable maternity clothes you should always try them on. If they feel sticky, itchy or uncomfortable in any way, put them back. Layering is important during pregnancy because the pregnancy hormones influence your body temperature. Make sure you have clothes that you can peel off with ease.

In case you are looking for pregnancy clothes that are stylish, you should try different fits and styles before you make your mind up. This is especially important in case of pants. They come with different stretch panels and they might feel quite different. Also consider that as pregnancy progresses not only your belly grows, but also your hips and buttocks.

The women looking for fashionable pregnancy clothes may be using a prosthetic tummy to see how the clothing looks with a bigger belly. If one isn’t available, you could fill the clothing with a shopping bag or two.

Undergarments are also very important during your pregnancy. So, when looking for pregnancy clothes that are fashionable also consider your underwear. Most probably your breasts will grow and this means that you will need new bras. Buy these when you need them because you can’t estimate your future size when buying. It might be a good idea to consider professional fitting to make sure that the items are comfortable.

It’s not that difficult to find cool maternity clothes if you know what to look for when buying.


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