Top 10 Ways To Conceal Your Maternity Bump

Pregnancy is surely the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life and is a time when she wants to shout out to the world and announce her good news, but in many cases women prefer hiding the news of pregnancy from people. Hiding this fact may be easy in the first few months but in the last trimester, the baby bump is likely to give away your secret to the world. But don’t worry; there are many ways to disguise the bump. The following are the 10 best ways to conceal your maternity bump:

Ways To Conceal Your Maternity Bump

1. Wear Loss Flowing Dresses

This is surely the most common and preferred way to hide your baby bump. This is a great way to conceal your mid-section and avoid getting caught.

2. Wear Draped Dresses

Apart from wearing loose fitting dresses, you can also drape certain dresses cleverly in such a way that your baby bump is concealed properly.  These dresses take away all the attention from your belly and distribute it to other places.

3. Accessorize

Carry huge sized bags, big chains and pendants so as to conceal the bump. A nice bright colored bag surely works as the best accessory but even things like scarfs and mufflers can work well, if properly used.

4. Add Layers

If the temperature allows, add layers on top of layers so as to conceal the bump when you step out. You can wear loose fitting jackets and sweatshirts to do this job for you.

5. Wear Loose Fitted Tops

Opting for those tops which are loose fitting on the top but slim fitted on the bottom is another way with which you can disguise your bump. This way is followed by many working women and proves effective each time.

6. Keep Working Out

It is important for you to work out in moderate amounts during pregnancy so as to avoid gaining extra weight. This will surely help you to avoid having a super big belly and huge breasts during pregnancy.  Eat health food and get light exercises such as walking, swimming and doing household chores.

7. Get a Makeover

By changing the appearance of your hair or face, you can effectively drive all the attention away from your body. Go get a nice striking haircut so that people do not look at your belly but concentrate on your face.

8. Smile

This works as well as getting a makeover done. All happy and energetic people look as if they have lost weight and this is another way with which you can turn the attention away from your growing belly. So go and flaunt that wonderful smile.

9. Do not Munch the Extras in Public

Pregnancy comes with a larger appetite and this along with your growing belly can surely make people doubt. So what you can do is that you can eat your extra servings discretely when no one is around to avoid them having pregnancy thoughts in their mind.

10. Grow your Hair

Another way to make sure that your belly is well concealed during pregnancy is to grow your hair long enough for them to cover a little portion of the belly.

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