Why Do You Experience Bloating During Ovulation?

Ovulation can be something that doesn’t affect you at all, but it could also be something that you dread because you experience bloating during ovulation.

It is possible that you are looking forward to it because you would like to get pregnant or you are afraid of it because of PMS.

Why does bloating and ovulation occur?

There is a combination of causes that leads to this bothersome symptom. These include higher salt intake and the fluctuations of the hormone levels. It is common for women to crave chips, cheese, popcorn and other salty foods during their ovulation.

If you have a lot of foods of this kind, ovulation bloating will become even worse because salt retains water. Naturally it’s not just the cravings that you have to blame; there are also the hormones. Although usually the female hormones are your friends, during this time they prevent you from fitting into your jeans. The good news is that bloating lasts a short period of time only.

Bloating During Ovulation

Water retention

The truth about bloating during ovulation is that because of the hormone levels women are more reluctant about exercising in this period and this makes water retention even worse. During this time women don’t feel like leaving the house.

You shouldn’t be surprised if bloating caused by ovulation prevents your clothes from fitting right and makes it impossible for you to remove the rings from your fingers. It is also possible to crave other foods besides the salty ones and you might also have a general bad feeling. You should expect to gain some weight during this time.

Although bloating during ovulation is a temporary symptom, women may still feel fat, un-sexy or ugly. The best thing to fight this feeling is to find some summery clothes, like skirts with a flower pattern and embrace your new curves. Make sure that you don’t let yourself be overtaken by hoodies and sweatpants.

Remedies for ovulation bloating

You shouldn’t think of this symptom as a curse. In fact, think of it as something that depends on you, because there are remedies that you can use. For instance you should drink more water and have a lower salt intake to reduce water retention.

Another thing you might try when fighting bloating during ovulation is to take some kind of over the counter diuretic. This way you can get rid of the excess water in the body. If you don’t find a medication that works for you, you could go to your family doctor or gynecologist. They can prescribe something that will work.

Your diet may also have a word to say when it comes to feeling bloated during ovulation. Make sure that you avoid junk foods that are high in salt and opt for foods which dissuade the water retention of the body or that create gas. Also have some exercises on a daily basis.

Although bloating during ovulation is a really annoying symptom, the good news is that this is a problem you don’t have to live with; there is a lot to do about it.


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