Find Out How Long Does Ovulation Last?

If you are looking forward to get pregnant most probably you are interested in how long does ovulation last.

Ovulation is the process during which the mature egg gets released from the ovaries and it travels down the fallopian tubes, waiting to be fertilized.

How Long Does Ovulation Last

Tracking the length of ovulation

Your menstrual cycle is calculated from the beginning of your period until the last day before the next menstrual period. Generally speaking the menstrual cycle of a woman lasts for 28-32 days but there are women who have longer or short periods as well.

You can calculate the time of ovulation based on the date of your last period or count back 12-16 days based on the time when you are supposed to have your next period. Ovulation can occur between the 11th and 21st day of your cycle. This period is called the fertile period of women.

If you have intercourse before the ovulation time, you have bigger chances of conception. You should know that ovulation can occur at a different date each month. For this reason you might want to track your ovulations, to have an idea when you are supposed to have it.

Ovulation cycles

When thinking about the ovulation length, you should know that the first part is called the follicular phase. The phase starts at the end of the last menstrual period and ends at the beginning of ovulation. The time period varies from one case to the other and it lasts 7-40 days.

The second phase, after the moment of ovulation, is called the luteal phase. This has a more precise timeline, lasting between 12 and 16 days. This all means that the length of your menstrual cycle is determined by the time of ovulation.

In case you are asking how many days do you ovulate, it is good to know that there are some factors that influence this entire process, such as stress, illness or a disruption of your normal activities. This means that stress doesn’t affect your entire body, but only your ovulation, that, in turn, affects your entire body.

Fertility awareness

One way to track the ovulation moment is fertility awareness. This means that you should track the characteristics of the cervical mucus and your basal body temperature. Right before ovulation the cervical mucus changes. It will become slippery and wet and it will resemble egg white.

The other method of tracking the when ovulation occurs is tracking your BBT. This means that you have to measure your temperature every morning before you get out of bed. During ovulation you will notice a spike in the temperatures. This is a way to check that you did indeed ovulate.

Ovulation kit and fertility monitor

Another way to track the ovulation is to use tools of this kind. The ovulation kits offer you precise information regarding when your ovulation occurs. This is determined based on the hormone levels of your urine.

There is a lot of information to find out about how long is ovulation.


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