Late Ovulation and Pregnancy Symptoms

Since not all women have their ovulation at the middle of their menstrual cycle, they might be looking for late ovulation and pregnancy symptoms.

Late ovulation doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem; it just means that your body thinks it is better to release the egg later.

Late Ovulation and Pregnancy Symptoms


This symptom is also known as middle pain and it means that during ovulation women experience some pain in the lower abdomen. This pain is something like the pain you feel during your period. Although this is a relatively sure sign, there are some other signs as well that might guide you.

Drop in BBT

To notice this sign of pregnancy and late ovulation you will have to be charting your basal body temperature. For this you will need a special thermometer that measures very correctly the body temperature. After ovulation the BBT increases and it stays that way until the next menstrual period.

Cervical mucus

In case you are looking for late ovulation and pregnancy symptoms, you have to listen to your body to know what you have to be looking for. After ovulation, the cervical mucus is sticky but before ovulation it becomes stretchy and slippery. This is important so that the mucus will help sperm reach the cervix.

Cervical position

Another one of the late ovulation’s and pregnancy’s symptoms is the position of the cervix. When you aren’t in your fertile window the cervix is hard and low. As ovulation gets nearer, the cervix becomes high, soft, wet and open. This is something that you will have to check for yourself.

Other symptoms

There are some other signs as well that could indicate ovulation, such as breast sensitivity and tenderness, more energy, increased libido, water retention, heightened sense of taste, vision and smell and spotting. This symptom is caused by the fluctuation of the female hormones.

Pregnancy symptoms

Some of the pregnancy’s and late ovulation’s signs are about the same. These include breast tenderness, spotting, having more energy, water retention and pain in the lower abdomen. Nonetheless you have to remember that you can’t see the signs of pregnancy before the signs of ovulation.

As you can see there are common late ovulation and pregnancy symptoms, but there are also some signs that are specific for each situation and that give you reliable indications.


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