Not Ovulating? Steps to Consider

We all know that ovulation is needed for women to get pregnant. This is a process during which a mature egg that can be fertilized is released from the ovary. The women who are not ovulating should be looking for different kinds of treatments to improve their fertility.

Not Ovulating

Information about anovulatory cycles

If you have a cycle of this kind that doesn’t mean that you have a problem. However if there are several cycles when you don’t ovulate, you should find the source of the issue. There are a lot of possible causes that include stress, eating disorders, diet and PCOS. In case of each cause there is a different available treatment.

Possible treatments for lack of ovulation

The treatment that the specialists offer to women depends on the cause of their problem. In some cases it may be enough to make some changes in the diet or lifestyle of women. It is possible that the cause is your body weight or extreme exercise. In this case the treatment is a change in body weight or less exercise.


When it comes to anovulation in many cases the cause of the problem is obesity. If this is your case all you have to do to restart ovulation is to lose some weight. It may be enough to lose only 10% of your current weight to see an improvement in fertility.

Fertility drugs

In case of a non-ovulating patient, usually the doctors suggest to start taking fertility drugs. The first fertility drug that the doctors try is Clomid. In about 80% the drug works and starts ovulation. In about 45% of the cases women get pregnant within six months.


In case Clomid doesn’t work, there are some other drugs you could try as well for absent ovulation. In case you are affected by PCOS your doctor will most probably suggest you take Metformin. The downside of the medication is that you have to wait at least six months to know whether the drug is working or not.

It is possible that Metformin alone won’t be able to help women who are not ovulating. In this case in order to increase your chances of conception you will have to think about a combination of different fertility drugs.

Premature ovarian failure

The cause of ovulation that is absent could be low ovarian reserves or premature ovarian failure. If this is the case, the chances of the fertility drugs to work are very low. This is why the doctors usually refuse to treat their patients with such problems with fertility drugs.

In this case the women who are not ovulating could consider using an egg donor. In the same time you have some other alternatives as well, such as adoption. The sad news in this case is that it is very unlikely for you to be able to get pregnant using your own eggs.

Now you know more about the situation of women who are not ovulating and you can see that they have some options as well.


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