Know More About Ovulation Tests

In order to know when is the right time to try to get pregnant you might be thinking about using ovulation tests. These tests work by determining the amount of LH or luteinizing hormone in your body that is supposed to surge right before you have your ovulation.

Ovulation Tests

What is LH regarding the tests for ovulation?

It is good to know about this hormone that it is always present in the urine, but it surges 12-24 hours prior to ovulation. This is the hormone that triggers ovulation. This means that the hormone makes the ovaries release the mature egg. This is the fertile window of your cycle.

When is the best time to use the ovulation kit?

The first step that you have to make is to determine the day when it is best to start testing based on your menstrual cycle. You could use this test at just any moment of the day. However in case of some tests it is recommended to have the test using the first urine in the morning.

Another thing you should know about the ovulation tests is that it is best to test about the same time every day and you should try to reduce the fluid intake a couple of hours prior to the test. This may be important because the urine shouldn’t be too diluted in order for the test to work properly.

How accurate is the kit for ovulation?

According to the manufacturers the tests are 99% accurate in finding the moment of the LH surge. However we have to note that this accuracy can be achieved only in case you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Keep in mind that there might always be some factors that compromise the accuracy of the results.

What if you used all the brands and none of them showed a surge?

In case you used several kinds of ovulation tests and none of them suggested that you ovulated, it is possible that ovulation didn’t take place. In this case the best thing you could do is to continue using the tests and also look for the other signs of ovulation.

Monitoring the ovulation but still no pregnancy

You shouldn’t get worried if you have been monitoring your ovulation using ovulation home kits but you still didn’t get pregnant. On an average scale, it takes a year for a couple to conceive. There are a lot of factors that you have to think about even if you had sex during your fertile window.

In case you were using the ovulation tests for months and nothing happened, you might want to talk to your doctor. If you were using the tests properly you will be able to tell your doctor about when you ovulated and this may help him or her determine the cause of the problem.

When is the best time to have sex?

If the home kit for ovulation shows a surge, you should have intercourse three days right after this result.

There is a lot to know about ovulation tests so you should keep an opened mind about the topic.


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