How to Handle Baby Shower Etiquette?

Although it could be a lot of fun to throw a baby shower, you should also think about the baby shower etiquette.

Naturally there are many different opinions on how this event should be organized, but there are also some general guidelines.

The host and etiquette of baby shower

It is said that the shower ought to be thrown by someone outside the family of the mother, like a friend or a coworker.

Nonetheless in our days the mothers and even the grandmothers could throw a shower of this kind for friends and family. Usually it is the best friend who throws the party.

Baby Shower EtiquetteIn the same time, according to the etiquette of baby shower, this could be thrown by the sister of the mother or the aunt.

It is becoming popular for coworkers to throw the party, or groups of friends, cousins or even friends from church. This means that almost anybody can throw a shower.

When to have the baby shower?

The baby shower etiquette says that the shower should take place 1-2 months before due date.

It is important for the shower not to be too close to due date in case the mother enters labor sooner than she was supposed to. Also the mother should have time to return the duplicates or the items she doesn’t want.

This part of the etiquette of baby shower is important because the mother may need some time to get the items that have been on the registry which she didn’t receive.

It is also good for the mother to have some time before birth and the couple may also need time to build some of the items, like the crib.

Surprise showers and etiquette for baby shower

The truth about baby shower etiquette is that it’s not really traditional to have a surprise baby shower, but it is practiced, especially in case this is the second shower of the mother. However take into consideration that such a shower could be more stressful for both the mother and the organizer.

This is because, according to the etiquette of baby shower, the organizers have to make sure that they invite the right people without being able to ask the mother and they have to pick a time that is suitable for everybody. It may be best not to have such a shower as the first baby shower.

Welcome baby shower

From the point of view of the baby shower etiquette, it may be alright to have a welcome baby shower, taking place after the birth of the baby. Although it’s not really traditional, it could be a lot of fun. The problem with the shower is that the new situation could be overwhelming for the parents, and they may need some time alone.

This is why the etiquette of baby shower says that the shower ought to be thrown a month or two after the birth of the baby so that the parents will be able to adjust. The advantage of the shower is that the mother can tell what is still missing for the baby and guest can bring all the essentials.


The baby shower etiquette says that the shower ought to be held at home, at a restaurant or at church. Nonetheless in these days it is common to hold showers at country clubs, bars, parks or anywhere else that allows people to gather for some fun. A lot of people prefer to have the shower at the home of a friend.

If this is the second shower, according to the baby shower etiquette it may be good to hold it at a restaurant with a private room.


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