Choose Some Clever Baby Shower Gifts

Although people don’t realize this, they should give the baby shower gifts that they offer a good thought.

It’s not just some random item that you take from the shelves of the stores, but it should be something that the new mother can really use.

Diaper cake as one of the presents for baby shower

No, you don’t have to think about an actual cake (what would the mother use that for?), but one that is made of disposable diapers.

The good thing about it is that it will set the mood at the baby shower and after the party is over the mother will be able to use the diapers when the baby is born.

Baby Shower GiftsDream Swaddle

When it comes to gifts for baby shower think about the fact that it’s not good for the baby to be surrounded by blankets and pillows, so opt for a dream swaddle instead.

The baby is wrapped tightly in it and it is adjustable so that it is suitable for any baby. The zippers make the changing easy.

Pee-pee tee as presents for baby shower

Changing the diaper can be a tricky activity because the parents have to pray the little one won’t pee meanwhile.

With the help of this one of the presents for baby shower the parents of little boys can relax while changing because for sure there won’t be any accidents.

Baby laundry soap

Even though there is nothing fun in this one of the baby shower gifts, we all know that the baby clothing needs gentle washing, and the soap of this kind can offer this. There are different brands on the market and at some point the mother will have to buy it, so why not offer it to her.

Gift basket for the baby

One of the cutest gifts for baby shower that you could possibly offer is a gift bag made of small sized baby items, such as baby shampoo, diaper cream, lotion, sunscreen and so on.

To make the bag even more useful you could add some small socks and pacifiers. Make sure you get a nice basket and you could fill it with artificial grass.


Another good idea for baby shower gifts is to make a collection of children’s books and tie them together with a bow. You could pick the books out one by one and they could be new or gently used. This is a good way to help the mother with the new collection and you can be sure that she will find the gift useful.

Gold pram pendant

In case you are looking for presents for baby shower, it’s not only the baby that you have to think about, but the mother as well. When being pregnant women don’t mind showing other people that they expect a baby and for sure that the new mother would be delighted to get a pendant of this kind.

Diaper bag

Don’t think about the ugly diaper bags when it comes to gifts for baby shower, but find something stylish and elegant. The most important factor to think about is for the bag to be roomy enough to hold all the essential items. Also the mother could use it when she doesn’t need diapers anymore.

Pampering basket as baby shower gifts

The mommy needs some alone time every now and then and this is what the pampering basket could help her with. Look for body products for both the mother and the baby. It is best to choose the smaller products for gifts for baby shower so that the basket will have a greater variety.


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