Breastfeeding Even With Inverted Nipples

Are you excited to breastfeed your baby but you’re worried it may not be successful because you have an inverted nipple? Do not become despondent as there is an exercise you can do to deal and prepare for it.

You may start with this simple exercise beginning on your 7th month until you deliver your child. Here’s how:

  • Before you do the exercise apply warm compress to each breast for 10 to 15 minutes to prepare your nipples and prevent it from cracks. This will also minimize any discomfort you may feel.
  • Find a comfortable position while doing the procedure, you can do it standing in front of the mirror so you can see or you could sit down.
  • Expose one breast and then gently press from the areola (the dark skin around your nipple) using your thumb and index finger, then lightly push upward your nipple and hold it a few seconds. Do these for at least 5 times and then repeat every exercise.
  • Do the same procedure on the other nipple until they are upright.

Preparing early will save you the discomfort of breastfeeding and the frustration for you and your baby if it becomes unsuccessful.


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