How to Handle Breastfeeding Problems?

Let’s face it, nothing ever goes smooth in life, and just as in any other case you could have some breastfeeding problems.

There are many different kinds of problems that you could be experiencing, but the good news is that most probably you can find solutions to them.

Engorgement as one of the problems with breastfeeding

Severe engorgement can be experienced a few days after the little one was born. This is something that you could prevent if you make sure that the baby has a good latch and he or she is drinking well right from the beginning. If you have problems, remember that engorgement should disappear within a day or two.

Breastfeeding ProblemsIn case you face this problem with breastfeeding you could go on nursing the baby and make sure that he or she eats well.

Nonetheless if engorgement is causing major discomforts, the best treatment option may be using cabbage leaves that work better than ice packs.

It is possible that because of this one of the breastfeeding problems you can’t feed the baby well. If this is the case you should pump the milk and give it to the baby and then seek help.

The best thing you could do is to use fresh cabbage leaves and crush the leaves to accommodate them to the shape of your breast.

Low milk supply

If you are faced with this one of the problems with breastfeeding, you should know that there are some herbs that could help you with it. It is known that some drugs could help and so the herbs that contain the same chemicals could also do you some good. Almost every culture has a herb of this kind.

When it comes to breastfeeding problems some of the herbs could only have a placebo effect, while others truly have active agents. Some other herbs won’t help you with milk supply but they could help you in other ways. Keep in mind that some of the herbs could have side effects.

Although the baby could have side effects if you take drugs for your problems with breastfeeding it is highly unlikely that he or she will have side effects caused by herbs. There are two known herbs that truly work – blessed thistle and fenugreek. In both cases the dosage is the same.

To get rid of the breastfeeding problems you should take three capsules three times per day or 20 drops. Still in case of the tincture it is said that breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t take it because there is a small amount of alcohol in it that could affect the baby.


Regarding problems with breastfeeding a lot of mothers say that they have sore nipples. In case you would like to avoid this, prevention is the best method. Make sure that you start breastfeeding at an early stage and that the little one has a good latch. In case you feel some pain, the latch is not correct.

In case of mild or moderate pain breastfeeding problems could be resolved with the help of Purlan, Lansinoh or other ointments of this kind. Nonetheless the best thing you could do is to fix the latch of the baby. Sometimes those ointments are good but people don’t know how they work.

In case you go to the doctor because of the problems with breastfeeding, most probably he or she will prescribe you some kind of ointment that is likely to come with antibiotics.

All breastfeeding problems have some kind of solution, you just have to find it.


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