Breastfeeding Tips and Facts for New Moms

All new mothers could use some breastfeeding tips. However even if you do get some tips you should know that the tips that work for some women may not work for the others. The experience of women regarding breastfeeding varies from one case to the other and this is a unique experience.

Attend a class regarding breastfeeding tricks

One of the best things you could do to know more about nursing is to attend a class. Such classes are usually held at hospital and they teach the basics. You will understand that every beginning is difficult but in the end you will get used to the baby and he or she will also get used to you and your style.

Breastfeeding Tips Clock

There is no need to track time as one of the tricks for nursing. You don’t need to know for how long your breastfeed or at which time intervals.

It is better to go according to your instincts. If the baby shows signs that he or she would like to eat, breastfeed the baby even if you just fed the little one.

The baby’s mouth

As one of the breastfeeding tips you should make sure that the underside of the nipple is covered by the mouth of the baby. If the baby doesn’t have the correct latch, it could turn out to be really painful for the mother. If this is the case, you should make sure that you correct the latch.

Lanolin ointment

A lot of women say that one of the best tips for breastfeeding is to use lanolin ointment. You should apply the ointment on the breasts in the morning and in the evening. Most probably you won’t have bleeding or cracked nipples. Also the soreness that you experience will be minimal.

No hunger

Some of the women say that the tips for breastfeeding should also include that women ought to start breastfeeding starting with the earliest stages. If you experience some pain during breastfeeding it is best to feed the baby before he or she gets hungry. This way the latch will be less painful.


Most probably this is the most difficult ones of the breastfeeding tips. The majority of women don’t get things right the first time when they start breastfeeding. You should stay relaxed; keep in mind that this is a long process that you and the baby have to go through together and you will succeed in the end.

Cold water

This may be one of the strangest tips for nursing. Some women say that the best thing they could do when the latch of the baby hurts is to drink some cold water with a straw. This way your attention will be drawn away from the pain. In the same time it could also be helpful to listen to music that you like.

Help and nursing tips

It is very difficult to follow the breastfeeding tips if you have to do all the work. It may be useful to talk to a lactation consultant.


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