Learn All About Breastfeeding Twins

If you have twins, one of the most important questions that you may have is regarding breastfeeding twins.

In case you ask someone they will tell that it takes more work than nursing only one baby and there is also more responsibility involved.

Information about twins’ breastfeeding

There are certain aspects that you may be worried about, such as the fact that you won’t have enough milk or that it will take too much time and you won’t be able to rest.

There are some common problems related to this situation, such as cracked or sore nipples, low milk supply and engorgement.

Breastfeeding TwinsHow to handle the common challenges

Knowing the solutions to the common problems with twins’ breastfeeding could make your life a lot easier.

Also this way you won’t be that anxious about the matter. Keep in mind that in many cases the twins are born before term and this is something to keep in mind when considering nursing.

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

When it comes to breastfeeding twins, it takes about the same time to breastfeed them simultaneously and to bottle-feed them.

Also think about the fact that in case of bottle feeding, the bottles need to be sterilized and it also takes time to prepare the formula. By breastfeeding you can save time and money.

Rigid or flexible schedule

Schedule is a tricky question regarding twins’ breastfeeding, but the professionals say that it is best to keep things flexible. Make sure that you breastfeed simultaneously to save some time. Nonetheless don’t forget that even the twins are individuals and it is possible that one of them will get hungry more often.

Some of the mothers say regarding breastfeeding twins that it is best to allow the hungrier baby to dictate the schedule.

Also there are some mothers who have a flexible schedule during the day, but they keep it rigid during the night to be able to get some sleep.

How to nurse simultaneously?

Roll-up towels can help with twin’s breastfeeding because they can offer support to the babies. Also there are some nursing pillows that have been specially created for mothers with twins.

If you have a pillow, there are different positions that you could try. You could try the football hold and the cradle hold.

If it feels more comfortable when breastfeeding twins, you could combine the holds. One of the best things you could do is to alternate the breasts when feeding, especially in case one of the babies is a stronger feeder. Since it is difficult to keep track, you should alternate daily and not after every feeding.

This way you will be able to regulate the milk production regarding twin’s breastfeeding and the chances of having blocked milk ducts decreases. It is interesting to know that this way the babies’ eyes will also get the same stimulation and exercise.

Producing milk

You shouldn’t worry regarding breastfeeding twins because your milk production depends on the demand. Feeding when the babies need to be fed makes sure that your body will produce the right amount of milk. Low milk production can be corrected by breastfeeding more often.

It is possible that the babies won’t empty the breasts when it comes to twin’s breastfeeding and in this case you may have to use the pump. When nursing you should have some water at hand, because your body is releasing oxytocin and this will make you get thirsty.

As you can see breastfeeding twins isn’t something complicated and women have no reason to be anxious about it. You just have to relax because the babies can pick up your mood.


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