Caring for a C Section Scar

Although having a C-section is considered to be a routine procedure, you should know that this is a serious operation. This is why the majority of the women would like to know more about the C-section scar and about how they should care for it to heal fast and for it to become less visible.

C Section Scar

Pain and redness around the scar from the C-section

If you experience some pain or redness around the area of the incision, you should make sure to contact your health care provider at once. It is even more alarming if there is something oozing from the scar. In this case it is possible that you have an infection and you must receive emergency care.

Itchy scar

When it comes to the scar after the C-section you should know that it is normal for it to itch during the healing process. Make sure that you won’t scratch it because it could get infected. If you also feel numbness you may have hurt yourself while scratching.

Mothers say that if they hold something over their C-section scar the itching gets better. It is also possible for the pubic region to itch because the pubic hair was shaved before the procedure. If the hair grows back and you still experience the itching, it may be caused by the healing process.

Irritated scar

In case the scar caused by the C-section gets irritated you should avoid clothing that sits right on the scar. This may mean that you will have to opt for other kinds of pants or underwear. You should do this for several months. As the scar heals you could reintroduce your old clothes. Most probably you won’t have other problems.

It is important to keep the C-section scar dry and clean. If you can’t do this because of the skin shelf that sometimes hangs over the scar, you should ask your doctor about using certain products such as corn starch. You may also use cotton or gauze to place into the shelf. Dry the area thoroughly after bathing.

Numbness around the scar of the C-section

Some of the new mothers say that they don’t feel anything around the top of the scar. In the majority of the cases this lack of sensation is something temporary but in other cases this sensation is something permanent. This is something that you should mention to your doctor.

Average length

In the majority of the cases the C-section scar is of about 6 inches long. Nonetheless the length of the scar could vary according to the location of the scar and also the length of the incision. Usually the length of the scar also depends on the size of the baby so that he or she will fit.

How long does the healing last?

The truth about the C-section caused scar is that the healing period varies from one woman to the other. However there are some factors that could slow the healing process down.

Now you know more about the C-section scar and the process of healing.


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