More About Cord Blood Stem Cells

For sure you have heard about cord blood stem cells before. This is because the research regarding these cells revolutionized the medical science and the news was all over the media. There are a lot of companies and organizations that encourage the donation of cord blood cell for future use.

Who should think about the stem cells of cord blood?

In the majority of the cases after childbirth the placenta and the umbilical cord are discarded. However there is the possibility to collect the cord blood and store it for future use. It is possible that it will be used by somebody in your family or by a stranger.

Cord Blood Stem CellsHow to do it?

The truth is that the advantages of saving cord blood have been found only a little while ago. However cord blood banking is becoming more and more popular as a result of the advancements made by the researchers in the field of medicine. Nonetheless you are the one that has to decide regarding the banking of the cord blood.

Advantages and disadvantages

The cord blood stem cells are very important, because, just as bone marrow, they could turn into white and red blood cells, platelets and other kinds of cells in the body. The parents are encouraged to bank the cord blood of the baby for later use. There are many different kinds of diseases that cord blood can help with.

How is the blood collected?

There is no reason for concern regarding banking the stem cells. This is because it is collected from the placenta and the umbilical cord after the baby is born and after the umbilical cord is cut. The procedure is completely painless for the baby and in the same time it is also entirely safe.

What happens to the cord blood stem cells after they are collected?

The first step is for the parents to agree to the blood being collected. If they do, the blood will be collected and it will be tested. If it meets the eligibility standards it will be frozen and it will be stored in a cord blood bank. Usually families opt for public cord blood banks.

Private family cord blood banking

It is possible that the parents don’t opt for stem cell banking at a public cord blood bank. This is their decision to make, but in this case they will have to pay for the entire procedure. The advantage in this case is that they will be able to access the blood if the baby or some other family member needs it.

Are there cons to cord blood stem cells banking?

We have to admit that this is a widely debated matter. There are a lot of different opinions and researchers didn’t have much time to find all the answers yet. However it is a known fact that the cord blood stem cells can turn into red or white blood cells, platelets or any other kind of cell that the body needs to function.


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