Deal with post partum Breast Problems in the Most Effective Way

Major changes take place in a women’s body during pregnancy due to the interplay of several hormones. It alters the shape, size and shape of the breasts. Post child delivery, the size of the breast in some women is increased forever but in general, the post partum breasts return to their original size. Sagging of the breasts occur due to the loss in the elasticity of the skin that holds up the breasts and the reduction in the volume of the breasts. Enumerated below are some useful tips to prevent breast sagging.


Ways to Handle Postpartum Breast Problems

  • Wear The Right Bra During Pregnancy

During the whole course of pregnancy different sizes of bra are required and buy accordingly for each trimester.

  • Wear The Right Bra After Pregnancy

It is very essential to wear the right size of bra after pregnancy when the breasts start weaning and returning to the original size. You have to wait for a few months before your breasts assume the final size. You should wear sturdy sports bras during your workout.

  • Gain A Moderate Amount Of Weight During Pregnancy

The swelling of the breasts during pregnancy are due to the various hormones and milk production and gaining of fatty tissue in the breasts. An average woman gains about 25-35 pounds during pregnancy and ensure that you do not gain more than this weight to avoid too much of fluctuations in the fatty tissues of the breasts.

  • Lose The Extra Weight At A Slow Pace After Pregnancy

It is advisable to lose the weight gained during pregnancy slowly as the elasticity of your skin is challenged during this period. If you progress slowly, your breast skin will get more time to repair and recover.

  • Moisturize

The elasticity, general resilience and collagen production of the breast skin can be improved with the help of almond oil, shea butter, plain cocoa butter or a wide variety of specially formulated baby safe skin moisturizers. Applying these moisturizers has a two fold effect. Along with improving the texture of the breast skin, it helps to remove the stretch marks. Apply the moisturizer to the breasts with an uplifting massage.

  • Exercise

You can improve the size of your bust by working out your upper chest muscles. By strengthening your back and core muscles would give you the boost to better your posture and permit you to look taller and appear less floppy.

  • Cold Water

Rinsing with cold water after a hot shower enables the skin around the breasts to uplift and contract. This technique has been used all along the ages to lift breasts.

  • Surgery

Finally the last resort to restore your breast is by surgery. Depending on the amount of existing breast tissue you have, you could go for either mastopexy alone or augmentation (implants). The drawbacks of this surgery are expensive, invasive, extended down period and scars. The advantage of surgical benefit is that it is the most effective way to pep up your breasts.

By being careful and taking adequate measures from the beginning of pregnancy, postpartum breast problems can be dealt with effectively. These problems can be very annoying and troublesome but with the right amount of care and patients your breasts can regain the original shape and form. Do not rush through the process and give your breasts enough time to heal and repair.


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