DIY Decorations for Baby Shower

It is always exciting to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, but the baby shower decorations could be expensive and so the DIY options could seem a lot more budget friendly and they won’t drive you crazy either. All you need is a little time and some patience.

Table ornaments for baby shower

If you don’t have a large budget, you should go to dollar stores where you can find tablecloths in numerous colors. It is best to go for the pastel colors, like baby pink. The ledges of the tables could be lined with streamers of contrasting colors. To add some color, choose pastel green or darker pink.

Baby Shower DecorationsAnother idea for decorations for baby shower is to get small baskets, colorful tissue paper and small stuffed animals.

Line the baskets with the tissue paper like blue, green, yellow or pink. Have the paper cover the sides of the basket and then add the animals with their heads and paws over the sides.

These baby shower decorations could be used as centerpieces. You don’t really need refined napkin rings. Instead you could use baby keys, beaded bracelets or pacifiers.

If you opt for the bracelets, you could use elastic bands and beads with letters, spelling the name of the baby.

If you would like to use baby bottles as ornaments for baby shower, you could turn them into vases.

You just have to add baby’s breath and fill them with small flowers that you like. In case you would like to have some fragrance, add some tea light candles to baby food jars.

Going practical

When it comes to decorations for baby shower, you could hang a clothesline across the room where the shower will take place and secure baby related items to it with the help of clothespins. Instead of these items, you could also add some balloons in pastel colors.

Make sure that the colors you choose for the baby shower decorations are suitable for the theme of the shower. If you are thinking about decorations, consider baby clothes, blankets, bibs and mobiles that are fun and practical in the same time.

An alternative for the ornaments for baby shower is to have only the clothesline hanging without added items, and secure to it the gifts that you get for the baby. You can be sure that by the end of the shower it will be full with cute clothes and bibs and it will set the mood for the party.

Table assignments

In case you are looking for decorations for baby shower for a larger shower, you may be thinking to assign the guests to seats. If this is the case you could be using pieces of fabric as place cards. It is a nice idea for the guests to decorate their squares and you could sew them together for the first blanket of the baby.

If you are using the baby food jars as baby shower decorations, you could use them for place card holders as well. Make sure that you remove the labels and add other labels with the name of the guest that is supposed to sit at a given place.


You may want to use lights as ornaments for baby shower. Just as in the other cases, there is no need to spend a lot of money on special lights, but use the regular Christmas lights that you have anyway. Some of them come with different colors but if you have a color scheme, use only one color according to it.

There are different decorations for baby shower to know about.


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