The Best Solutions to Fix Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

One of the most common ‘side effects’ are stretch marks after pregnancy. But what are these marks?

What could cause stretch marks?

This is also known as striae and it usually occurs after fast weight gain or weight loss. Pregnancy like stretch marks are very common and they could also appear during the teenage years when people are growing very fast. Also during pregnancy the hormones are causing different changes in the whole body.

Stretch Marks After PregnancyAlthough there are some genetic factors that could cause such stretch marks, many of the real causes are still unknown. In case one of your parents had them, most probably you will have them as well.

About 90% of all women have pregnancy stretch marks and the downside is that it is quite difficult to get rid of them. At the beginning they have a red or purple color, but later they become white or silver.

In case there are indentations, they are more difficult to treat. This is why prevention is the way to go.

In case of stretch marks after pregnancy it is essential to moisturize the skin. In case it is hydrated, it is easier for the skin to stretch without having any signs of stretching. If you are pregnant you should moisturize the skin quite often with a body lotion that contains cocoa butter and shea butter. Focus on the breasts, hips, belly and buttocks.

How to avoid having pregnancy stretch marks?

As it has been mentioned before, the best way is to hydrate the skin. You don’t only have to think about body lotions but also remember to drink a lot of water.

Body brush

This is an important tool if you don’t want to have these marks. They help you remove the appearing pregnancy stretch marks and since you are massaging the skin you can improve the circulation. This way the blood will be able to deliver more nutrients to the skin making it healthier.

Wheat germ oil

A lot of people say that wheat germ oil helps with stretch marks after pregnancy, but this is more of a home remedy and there is no official data showing that it actually helps. Nonetheless according to a recent study, it could actually help in the early phases of the marks.

Glycolic acid

This substance is very well-known for the rejuvenating powers that it has. It is able to help with stretch marks after pregnancy because it makes the collagen production increase. You will need higher doses if you are looking for efficient treatment, and for this you will need to see a dermatologist. One treatment costs about $100 ad you will need 3-4 visits to have visible results.


Lately it has become very popular to treat pregnancy stretch marks with vitamin C. There are numerous over-the-counter products that can help in the early stages, and just as in the previous case, this also works by increasing the collagen production. When it comes to stretch marks after pregnancy you could also be looking for those products that come with peptide.


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