Get Back Your Perfect Body Shape With Postpartum Exercises!

Want to attain lean body that you had before your pregnancy?

For this you need to follow postpartum fitness program.

Before starting the program, you need to get proper understanding of your body.

Giving birth to a baby means a lot of things like: losing sleep, learning to manage your tiny little one, and dealing with the weight that you gained during your pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman can gain an average of 30 pounds during pregnancy period, but most of you can gain even more. Usually, you will lose 18-20 pounds within a month after the delivery.

Being active during this period is even more important because it increases your metabolism, removes those extra pounds, offers you much needed energy and also helps to reduce the stress and tension.Postpartum exerciseBut, you will get a doubt that how much and when to start the postpartum exercise routine. You knew that including exercise routine back into your daily lifestyle is a gradual process.

How much and when to start postpartum exercise routine?

Pregnancy is the period that you encounter a large number of changes in your body. So, it takes time to get back. If you exercised throughout the pregnancy and had normal vaginal delivery, then you can safely practice the postpartum workouts, like walking, stretching and modified push-ups, within few days after giving birth [Pregnancy exercises].

If you give birth to your child through C-section, then you need to wait for 6-8 weeks to begin your workout routine.

Your doctor will suggest, when can you begin postpartum exercise program and also he will suggest some forms of exercise that you can practice during the first couple of weeks after the delivery.

Here are some of the postpartum exercises:

Walking: Include walking in your daily routine only when your doctor says okay. Short and slow walks can greatly help you to make your body for more vigorous exercises. Walking promotes healing and also helps to prevent complications like blood clots.

If you did exercises during your pregnancy, then you need to wait for six weeks after the delivery in order to start the routine that you did before.

Yoga: It is a great way to begin gentle yoga positions. Practicing yoga increases your blood flow thus reducing your stress level. Avoid practicing inversions. The basic moves like pelvic tilts, supported bridge and warrior 1 are good to start. Also, you can join postpartum yoga classes at your local health club.

Kegel exercises: These exercises help to make small contractions of the muscles at the vaginal wall. Also, kegel exercises help in strengthening the weak pelvic muscles that are the main cause of bladder control problems, which are the common issues during your postpartum period.

Pilates exercises: By making little changes, you can also practice basic pilates exercises. They help to strengthen the core and improve your flexibility.

Safety tips when you begin postpartum exercise routine:

  • Stop exercising vigorously in hot and humid weather or if you are sick.
  • Avoid sudden movements like jumping, sudden change of movements and bouncing motions.
  • Include cool down routine after all workouts.
  • Don’t start exercising immediately after delivery and talk to your doctor if you feel any signs like dizziness, pain, bleeding, rapid heart beat or palpitations.
  • Stay hydrated throughout your exercise routine.

Practicing postpartum exercise routine helps you in every way in attaining the fit and lean body.


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