Get Into Shape Post Pregnancy, Warn Experts

It isn’t just the fact that you want to get into your smartest pair of jeans that should be a reason to lose the post pregnancy flab, there are health reasons for you to do so as well, according to health and wellness doctor, Dr Jennifer Ashton.

When your life has become a series of feeding, burping, changing and yet more feeding, burping, changing, it seems to be difficult to find time to get some quality rest, leave alone find time to exercise.

postpartum exerciseHowever, researchers warn that if you don’t lose that pregnancy weight soon, you could be stuck with it for the rest of your life.

You may then be obese or overweight even 20 years after having had your baby!

Tracy Anderson, celebrity fitness trainer, offers pointers about how she went on to lose 60 pounds after her baby. She also helped actor Gwyneth Paltrow lose her post pregnancy weight.

Also nutritionist Elisa Zied offers interesting insight about pregnancy cravings and what can be done to allay them. The videos of experts offering practical pregnancy advice are available online at the CBS News website.


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